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October Seasonal Tips


OCTOBER - The Year’s Best Planting Month

October is an important time in a gardener's life. It is one of the busiest times too. It's the best time to plant almost all permanent additions to the landscape. The idea behind fall planting is to get things into the ground ahead of the major rains. Roots get established during winter and reward you the following summer with a great surge of growth. It's the time-honored, easy, water-saving way to go. This is also the time to pull up the last remnants of summer vegetables and flowers and finish planting cool-season flowers and vegetables for winter and spring. Continue to cut back, clean out, plant, transplant, and revamp perennials.


Keep Pesky Rabbits from Eating Pansies

Nibbled tips on such plants as pansies, Petunias and lettuce may be damage caused by rabbits. Sprinkle mothballs on the ground. (If you have a baby, substitute moth crystals, since mothballs are toxic and might be mistaken for candy.) Cats, dogs, opossums, and skunks are also repelled by the odor of mothballs.


How to Plant a Gopher-Proof Lawn

Prepare and level the ground for planting. Reserve some amended soil. Cover the ground with chicken wire (1/2-inch mesh) laid flat, and wire the sections together. Cover the chicken wire with 2 or 3 inches of soil. Then plant the lawn from seed. When planting from sod simply cover the prepared ground with chicken wire, and overlap the edges of the wire strips by 1 or 2 inches. Lay the sod directly on top of the wire and you're done. Protect the homeland from invading gophers!



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