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April Seasonal Tips


APRIL - The Height Of The Bloom Month

April is the peak month for blooms in Southern California. Hillsides abound with color, native areas push out their blooms and so do our yards. It's early March and I know my yard is bursting with color. I always say, if you want to sell your house and you have a great landscape, April is the time to sell. Your yard will be in full glory.

- Randy Newhard, Owner/CEO


Are you having a problem with Garden Snails?

Your best defense against the common brown garden snail is...another snail. Decollate Snails are about 1 inch long with conical shells - they’ll eat the eggs, babies, and juveniles of the common brown garden snails. This is the preferred biological method of eradication - no poison to be eaten by your pets or children. The Wild Animal Park and University of California are two of many properties that use this method to control snail populations.


Touching Up With Springtime Colors

As for shrub and perennial selections, consider plants that limit leave or flower droppings. Some favorites are New Zealand Flax, Cannas, Ornamental Grasses, Sago Palms, Penstemons, Lavenders, Sea Lavender, Agapanthus, Day Lillies, Gaillardia, Liriope, Philodendron, Bird of Paradise, Society Garlic, Star Jasmine, Aloe, and Agave Attenuata. The best plants for color are the Begonias that flower in white, pink, and red blooms throughout the year. Last of all, if the size of the area permits, turf is an excellent idea for pool areas - it’s safe for the kids to play on and around.

Why Plant Trees?

  1. Trees offer shade: 3 well-placed trees can cut a structures air conditioning costs by 15%
  2. Trees can act as windbreaks: Trees can actually protect against wind and snow, and can cut heating costs by as much as 30%
  3. Trees can also provide shelter, slow rainfall run-off, prevent soil erosion, muffle noise, and protect privacy


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