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July Seasonal Tips


JULY - The First True Summer Month

 Baseball, hot dogs, and fireworks mark the return of summer to San Diego and we like to spend as much time outside as possible. Since you're already outside this is a perfect time to take a peak around and see if your landscape is as attractive as you want it to be. You may start cultivating in your mind some ideas for garden improvements, but read on before you take out your shovel and hoe. 

July is not the best time for planting; leave that for those spring and autumn months. What July does offer is a terrific time for planning ahead. Do you need another shade tree? Do you have room for an additional patio or vine-covered arbor? Think about these kinds of options while you have the opportunity. While you're thinking have a hose in your hand and start watering.

Hot, arid weather makes regular watering your number one focus now through September. There are right ways and wrong ways to water and because of this July is a prime time to think about water conservation as well. Limit heavy water using plants to small areas close to the house and to containers that can be eliminated in times of drought. With the exception of some California native plants and a few others not prone to drought conditions, all plants need regular watering now. When drought is a foregone conclusion, trees with deep, healthy root systems are best able to survive


Make Your Garden Smell As Good As It Looks

Fragrance is like magic. It sparks your memory better than any other sense. It's easy to add a pleasurable dimension to your landscape by filling it with appealingly fragrant plants such as roses or lilacs. Even unpleasant scents have their purposes. Bad-smelling plants, are often the inedible or poisonous ones. Bad odors also protect the plants, persuading people, birds, and insects to stay away.



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