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August Seasonal Tips


AUGUST - Grow Your Garden with New Way
The Height-of-Summer Month

August may not always be the hottest and driest month of the year, since September sometimes shoves the thermometer higher, but August usually attacks the job with more persistence. Along the coast the weather's almost always sunny this month, with oceanic breezes to keep temperatures cool and comfortable, albeit drier than in early summer. That is why the drought conscious gardener should do plenty of watering this month.


Containers Need Love Too!

Your garden loves mulch and if you mulched last spring, then now is the time to renew it. Lay down two to three inches of organic mulch materials around plants but prevent it from contacting tree trunks and stems of plants. This protective layer will save you from watering as much and also help prevent the germination of many weeds. Mulch is truly a friend to the garden and the gardener.


Plant Your Vegetables

Late August is the perfect time to plant root vegetables such as carrots, beets and turnips. The warm soil will help to germinate the seeds, and then the plants will mature in the cooler weather of autumn. The next step is remembering to eat them!



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