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September Seasonal Tips



September marks the beginning of the fall planting season, one of the busiest times of the year in the garden. This is when we switch gears in preparation for winter – and winter is a great time to garden here! Beginning now, we switch from summer-blooming to winter and spring-blooming annual flowers and from warm-season to cool-season vegetable crops. Spring flowering bulbs fill nursery shelves, some of which can be planted in September. It is also the best time for planting perennials and a good time for giving perennial beds an overhaul. Warm-season lawns can still be planted now, and cool-season lawns can be planted along the coast. In addition, most bushes, shrubs, trees, and ground covers, other than tropicals, do best when planted in fall before the winter rains.

Start now to clean out faded flowers and vegetables, but leave good ones in places to enjoy as long as they're still going. Prepare the ground, begin to plant – but keep in mind that October, the best planting month of the year, is still ahead.


Be a Life-Saver

Inspect drought-resistant plants, other than summer-dormant natives, for signs of stress. One deep watering now can save the life of a tree or bush that's hanging on the brink of extinction and tide it over to the winter rains.


Quick Tip

How to make a straight, shallow furrow for seeds... Lay the handle of a hoe flat on its back on the seed-bed. Press it down evenly. Measure the furrow with a ruler for correct depth.



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