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Landscape Management


The skill and knowledge of New Way's staff and certified professionals is what help to determine the proper method of maintaining and sustaining our client's landscapes. Each maintenance property that we service has different characteristics than the next, but by adjusting and transforming to the changes and needs is what sets New Way apart from the rest.

To truly be effective and interactive with your landscape, New Way takes an assessment of what is present and then looks forward at what is achievable. 

"New Way prides itself on knowledge, professionalism, high-quality performance and outstanding client services.  It is my job to ensure the quality that you expect and deserve"

- Randy Newhard, CEO

If you are interested in New Way providing a proposal for your landscape maintenance, please go to REQUEST A MAINTENANCE PROPOSAL on our website.  You may also contact Bob Rogers, Vice President of Client Services at 858.790.9406, or by email at brogers@newwaypro.com.


S  U  S  T  A  I  N  A  B  I  L  I  T  Y

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