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Water Wise - Irrigation Management


Landscape water managers are feeling the pressure to use water resources more wisely.  The science and technology to improve management practices are available.  New Way Landscape is responding to the growing demand to provide improved irrigation water management.

Implementing superior water management techniques and practices requires a firm understanding of plant water use, soils that they live in, and the irrigation system being used to replace lost water.

New Way makes it easy to understand - below are the 5 major sections: 

  • Plant/Water/Soil Relationships
  • The Irrigation System
  • Turf Reduction
  • Conversion to Low Water Use Plants
  • Monitoring & Care

Our region's demand for better landscape and water management requires well-designed, fine-tuned irrigation systems.  These systems adjust to changing weather conditions and can be constantly and consistently monitored. Consult with one of New Way's Water Management Technicians today!  















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