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New Way Tree Services understands that keeping trees healthy and structurally sound is both an art and a science.  That is why we employ certified arborists to assist you in proper tree selection, landscape function, climate concerns, pest and disease control and ongoing maintenance.

Your trees represent a significant investment.  Doesn't it make good sense to protect that investment with the most gifted horticultural minds available?  We think so, that's why our award-winning full service tree company is laser-focused solely on tree care.

Whether a palm, cottonwood, sycamore, camphor or eucalyptus...trees have unique characteristics.  They each have different pruning, shaping and thinning cycles as well as ongoing maintenance requirements.  Do you know that the absolute best time to begin a tree management program is when your trees are young?  If you want your trees to be all they can be, partner with New Way Tree Services Incorporated to shape the future of your "silent sentinels."  We are serious about keeping your trees the splendor above the grass.

  • Complete access to Certified Arborists
  • Highly educated staff that will analyze and customize an ongoing program
  • Emergency service is just a phone call away 1-888-875-1403
  • One of the best safety records in the industry
  • Property Mapping and Tree Inventory Software

New Way Tree Services Mapping Capabilities

New Way uses a software leverages the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to allow New Way Trees to help our clients efficiently manage their trees. Whether searching for specific species in certain locations, producing work summary reports by zone, or providing work lists with numbered points on a map to crews in the field, New Way’s software puts the power of mapping technology to work for our clients.

We are able to capture a wide variety of attributes including address, species, size, condition, maintenance recommendations, and much more.  Our completed inventories not only give you an accurate picture of current conditions - they tell a story of what the urban forest will be like in the future, allowing you to plan ahead, years in advance.

Board Members in HOA’s are tasked with ongoing maintenance, long-term planning, maintaining a functional species list, planting, handling citizen requests, and performing emergency tree services, all on a limited budget. Increasingly, they must also maintain a complete and accurate history of all completed maintenance. The ability to strategically target certain species in certain parts of the association is becoming more critical than ever. New Way is able to do all of the above, easily.

Mapping & Tree Inventory For Your Property

What is a tree inventory?

Having an accurate and updated inventory eliminates guess work and surprises for our clients.
A tree inventory is the assembly of accurate information on the health, diversity, location, and maintenance needs of the urban forest. How many street trees are there? What kind? In what condition are they? How many potential planting sites are there? What sort of work is recommended for each tree? How can we use our tree budget wisely by prioritizing tree maintenance? You cannot manage the urban forest effectively unless you have one essential management tool - an updated and accurate tree inventory.

Why should my organization do a tree inventory?

There are many good reasons for doing a tree inventory. The inventory may be used:
  • ·         To determine the need for an urban forestry program. For example, if the inventory reveals many dead and diseased trees or areas that are bare of trees, this indicates the need for a program incorporating tree planting.
  • ·         To prioritize maintenance schedules in order to reduce the potential liability that results from hazardous trees. 
  • ·         To educate residents about the benefits of a healthy, well-managed urban forest and to inform them about species best suited to various locations.
  • ·         To facilitate the planning that is essential to the community's quality of life.
  • ·         To provide the basis for the development of a comprehensive urban forestry management plan.

*Example of a Mapped Property/Inventory*

For more information, below is a list of contacts at New Way Tree Services, Inc.

Alex Llerenas, General Manager
Cell: 858.218.6929
Office: 858.505.8301 Ext. 311

Wade Wilmot, Operations Manager
Certified Arborist #WE-7224-A
Certified Tree Care Safety Professional - #1317
Operations & Quality Control
Cell: 619.520.4289
Office: 858.505.8301 Ext. 332

Oscar Corvera, Arborist
Certified Arborist #WE-8225-AUM
Certified Tree Risk Assessor
Cell: 619.851.2133
Office: 858.505.8301 Ext. 331

Tiffani Felix, Administrative Assistant
Office: 858.505.8301 Ext. 310

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