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When you first start working with us we will send you a welcome letter with your Account information, your username and password, our Customer Service Representative’s name & information that will be handling all your service requests, and detailed examples of how to use this system. Using our website gives you the ability to check our monthly tips, learn about the company, but in particular, to be able to access.


New Way’s Service Request System (S.R.S) provides you with a summary of all the work orders and/or service requests received in a three month period.  These requests are posted in order by newest to oldest. Each work order and/or service request is entered into our system and posted to the website within 24 hours of receipt.  Go to, and you will arrive at our home page.

Before you proceed, you'll be required to enter your username and password, located right above the grass picture on the upper left side of the page. Enter the username and password specified on your welcome package and hit “Login”.


The picture shown in is an exact replica of what your summary will look like once the work orders and/or service requests begin to come in. You will be able to see the date it was received, the work order # you issued us, the work requested, the action New Way took to complete it, and the date it was completed. If you have a work order that is not yet completed, you will see the status, “Pending” in the action section of the summary. If there is an update, but is not yet complete, you will see an update and a approximate date of completion. 

We do our very best to keep you apprized of all updates regarding the status of your work order and/or service requests.



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