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The Year’s Best Planting Month

October is an important time in a gardener's life. It is one of the busiest times too. It's the best time to plant almost all permanent additions to the landscape. The idea behind fall planting is to get things into the ground ahead of the major rains. Read More

Be A Life-Saver

September marks the beginning of the fall planting season, one of the busiest times of the year in the garden. This is when we switch gears in preparation for winter – and winter is a great time to garden here! Read More

Grow Your Garden with New Way
August – The Height-of-Summer Month

August may not always be the hottest and driest month of the year, since September sometimes shoves the thermometer higher, but August usually attacks the job with more persistence. Read More

The First True Summer Month

Baseball, hot dogs, and fireworks mark the return of summer to San Diego and we like to spend as much time outside as possible. Since you're already outside this is a perfect time to take a peak around and see if your landscape is as attractive as you want it to be. Read More

The Easy-Going Month

June is an easygoing month in the Southern California garden. Your spring labors should be paying off, and the workload is slowing to an enjoyable pace. Remember that drought-tolerant native plants and other dry-climate plants will need only infrequent, deep water from now until rains start later in the year Read More

The Fast Growth Month

May is one of the most rewarding times of the year. It is when a gardener can truly experience the results the Given Mother Nature was generous with the rains this year, one can almost see the buds expanding and flowering before your eyes. Read More

The Height Of The Bloom Month

April is the peak month for blooms in Southern California. Hillsides abound with color, native areas push out their blooms and so do our yards. It's early March and I know my yard is bursting with color. Read More

The First Spring Planting Month

During March you can plant most summer annuals and perennials, warm-season and cool-season lawns from seed, some cool-season and most warm-season vegetables, and almost all permanent garden plants, such as trees, shrubs, ground covers and vines. Read More

Month of Waiting

Though there are many interesting jobs to be done in February, it's also a time for waiting. Certain plants can be pruned now, but wait until the weather warms up before cutting off frost-bitten branches. Read More

Naked Plants

January is sometimes called “the bare-root month” because of the wide selection of plants at local nurseries in bare-root form. “Bare-root” describes a plant that has had all the soil removed from its roots before shipping Read More

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